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Responsible for the proper loading, unloading, and moving sand and gravel materials with the plant/yard as directed.


Functional Responsibilities

·   Maneuver truck and dump product at designated site in the yard.  Be able to identify problems with the dump site related to safety, maneuverability, etc. and work with the manager to resolve.

·   Treat customers, co-workers and inspectors courteously at all times.

·   Use radios properly at all times; keep the Plant Manager informed of all relevant information and problems.

·   Properly follow company, OSHA, and MSHA safety procedures and promotes the company safety program

·   Perform routine inspection and preventive maintenance on assigned equipment and refer defects or needed repairs to the supervisor.

·   Perform general cleanup of equipment and yard.

·   Comply with all Safety, Health, Environmental and other Company policies and procedures and supports the company spill response plan.

·   Wear protective clothing and equipment as necessary to include hearing protection, dust masks, safety glasses, boots, harnesses and other clothing as required.

·   Perform other functions and duties as required or directed.



·   Candidate should have a High School diploma or equivalent.




















Core Values

·          SAFETY - Our moto of SAFETY ALWAYS is at the core of everything we do each day.

·         COMMUNITY- We believe that PB Materials team members should be involved in and contribute to their local communities.

·         QUALITY - We are committed to consistent production practices that ensure that our customers always receive high-performing products that meet specifications.

·         SERVICE - We are committed to provide customers consistent service, where we keep our promises and passionately work to meet customer needs.

·         TEAMWORK - We believe that teams should capture the best ideas of every individual and use constructive conflict to identify and implement best practices.

·         EXCELLENCE - We are committed to do things right the first time, and the willingness to strive to get better, all the time.

·         INTEGRITY - PB Materials team members adhere to firm moral standards.


Personal and Team Effectiveness

·   Proactive Planning. Utilize principles of time management to effectively maximize personal productivity.

·   Safety. Personally operate in a safe and controlled manner, does not cause a hazardous situation for other employees.

·   Teamwork. Invest in the success of other team members by expending extra effort to help others achieve their goals and objectives.

·   Mentoring.Teach less experienced or skilled members of the team by utilizing on-the-job training opportunities.

·   Personal Growth. Bring an insatiable appetite to improve personal skills by reading and pursuing education

·   Profit Focused. Work to help improve profitability by controlling costs and increasing efficiency.


Physical and Environmental Requirements

·         Candidate must be drug free.

·         Position requires moderately strenuous physical work.

·         Regular walking, standing, climbing, reaching, seizing, holding, grasping, turning, pulling, pushing and lifting activities are required for this position.

·         Must be able to:

·         Occasionally push/pull up to 50 pounds of force

·         Lift and carry up to 50 pounds from floor level to waist level

·         Climb in and out of equipment 50+ times per day

·         Climb up and down ladders occasionally

·         Sit/stand for extended periods of time

·         Work outdoors under Panhandle/West Texas/Southeastern New Mexico weather

·         Work on rough, muddy, icy and/or uneven job site surfaces

·         Work long and flexible hours as necessary

·         Environment will vary from outdoors with varying noise levels and vibrations associated with construction equipment, and exposure to building materials, dust and dirt at operating sites to a normal office environment.




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