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Job Description


Under minimal supervision, the primary duties of the position are the mechanical maintenance of the company fleet and plant facilities.


Functional Responsibilities

·   Diagnose problems and perform mechanical repair and maintenance: to stationary production machinery including but not limited to batch plants, motors, conveyors, elevators and drives; to heavy equipment machinery; and/or diesel and fleet vehicles.

·   Diagnose faults or malfunctions to determine required repairs using engine diagnostic equipment such as computerized test equipment and calibration devices.

·   Perform all maintenance operations (welding, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, hydraulics, and air systems) in accordance with technical specifications and safety regulations.

·   Periodically inspect equipment in accordance with the company’s Prescribed Inspection Schedule and complete equipment inspection and reports.

·   Test mechanical products and equipment after repair or assembly to ensure proper performance and compliance with manufactures specifications.

·   Operate and inspect machines/heavy equipment in order to diagnose defects.

·   Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and vehicles.

·   Examine parts for damage or excessive wear, using micrometers and gauges.

·   Schedule maintenance for industrial machines and equipment, and keep equipment service records.

·   Read and understand operating manuals, blueprints, and technical drawings.

·   Overhaul and test machines or equipment to ensure operating efficiency.

·   Assemble gear systems, and align frames and gears.

·   Fit bearings to adjust, repair, or overhaul mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment.

·   Weld or solder broken parts and structural members using electric or gas welders and soldering tools.

·   Clean parts by spraying them with grease solvent or immersing them in tanks of solvent.

·   Rebuild or fabricate parts.

·   Comply with all environment, health, and safety and training policies, procedures and requirements.

·   Keep work area and all tools, vehicles, and equipment neat, clean, and in good repair; clean work area at the end of every shift.

·   Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.


·         Excellent computer skills to perform computer diagnostics and to maintain service repair and maintenance records.

·         Analytical skills to identify and solve mechanical problems


·   A High School Diploma with 2-5 years of relevant industry experience in plant service and repair.

·   R&M Trade School education preferred

·   A Class A or B license required

Core Values

·          SAFETY - Our moto of SAFETY ALWAYS is at the core of everything we do each day.

·         COMMUNITY- We believe that PB Materials team members should be involved in and contribute to their local communities.

·         QUALITY - We are committed to consistent production practices that ensure that our customers always receive high-performing products that meet specifications.

·         SERVICE - We are committed to provide customers consistent service, where we keep our promises and passionately work to meet customer needs.

·         TEAMWORK - We believe that teams should capture the best ideas of every individual and use constructive conflict to identify and implement best practices.

·         EXCELLENCE - We are committed to do things right the first time, and the willingness to strive to get better, all the time.

·         INTEGRITY - PB Materials team members adhere to firm moral standards. Apply Now